Why does my printed image look darker than on my computer screen?

Printed images will almost always look slightly different when printed as compared to when they are viewed on a digital monitor simply due to the difference in light properties (direct vs reflected).  When a monitor’s brightness is set too high, images will appear brighter on the screen than the resulting prints. To achieve the closest […]

How much does the studio reservation cost when I have very large art pieces for reproducton?

Photo Studio reservations for large artwork reproduction are currently $50/hour, during which we can typically capture up to 5 oversize pieces. This quantity can vary depending on just how large, reflective and/or textured each piece of artwork is. A variety of lighting equipment and techniques are used to capture art effectively and to minimize surface […]

Can I mail you my originals?

Because every order is different, we recommend bringing your originals to our location in person whenever possible. Please call to open a new work order with us before sending any original items by mail. A team member will need to gather key pieces of information from you before generating a work order. You’ll be given […]

How will I receive my digital files?

There are three delivery options for your digital files: – WeTransfer digital email download ($2) – USB ($10)– or CD ($5)

How much are 35mm film negative scans?

Standard 35mm film negative scans are currently $1.20 per individual frame, $5 per cut strip or $9.99 per uncut roll. High resolution options are available based on target print size and bulk discounts are available over 100 pieces. When we also do the developing of your film roll, the digital scans are even more economical.

How can I find out the exact image size of a picture on my phone?

On iPhone: In the Photos app, tap the image to open it. Tap the “info” icon beneath the image, or just swipe up on the image itself. On Android:Go to Photos, select your image and click the “…” (three dots) icon in the top right. Scroll to bottom of page to find image size. The […]

Can I order prints online using my smartphone or tablet?

Yes! It is actually possible to order prints from us using your phone or table, although our online ordering portal is best suited for use from a computer.  Our Medium Size print category for our Professional Paper Photo Prints catalog, containing print sizes most typically fitting smartphone images. Depending on your device settings, all order […]

I have a digital photo. How large can I print it?

Standard print resolution is 300 dots per inch.  We recommend going no lower than 150 dots per inch on paper or any smooth surface, particularly metal. You can preview images using the online ordering interface on our website and it will display a warning if the image size is lower than recommended. We also have […]

How long would it take to scan my stack of photos and what will it cost?

We offer an economical scan option ($1.20 each) if your photos are unframed, flexible and in relatively sturdy condition (not so old they are starting to fall apart). This is for photos or documents between 3″x3″ and 8″x10″ in size. They must be free of any sticky residue, such as from tape or album mounting […]

What is the production time for a large canvas wrap?

Each canvas is custom made to the desired dimensions.  Our standard production minimum is 6 days, but can vary by how many orders we have in queue at the time. It can sometimes be sooner if we happen to already have your frame size in our pre-built stock.The fastest way to order is through our […]