Can I print someone else’s image?

At Phoenix Photo Lab, we trust our customers to submit images they have the legal right to reproduce. This applies to both digital scans/photos and printed photos.While we cannot verify copyright ownership for every image, we reserve the right to decline orders due to copyright concerns.The responsibility for copyright ownership and licensing lies solely with […]

I want to edit my images before printing. What are some tips for preparing my files for the most accurate results?

Digital images are go through multiple stages from initial capture in-camera or in software before being printed onto paper or canvas. Each technology interprets and reproduces color in different ways. Here are some key steps you can follow to be sure you excellent print results with your edited images. 1) Choose a high quality computer […]

How long will Professional Photo Paper prints last?

The inks we use in our Professional Paper and Canvas production meet the very highest quality standards. Exposure to ultraviolet light will reduce the life of all prints over time, however todays archival quality papers matted with museum quality matboard are estimated to last over 200 years behind UV coated glass, and as long as […]

Why can’t I upload HEIC files from my phone?

The High Efficiency (HEIC) file format is proprietary to Apple and can contain multiple still (burst photo) images inside one file, and even video content. We cannot print files that are in HEIC format. Please convert your files to JPEG before to uploading them to us for printing. How to Convert HEIC files to JPG […]

I have hundreds of slides. Can you digitize them?

Yes! We can ditgitally scan slides so you have them for backup, or even make new prints from them. We recommend bringing your items in to us in person so we can see their sizes and condition, discuss your needs with regard to the final prints, and provide a full and accurate work order estimate.

Can you frame my piece of art?

While we do offer mounting and framing options with our print services; we don’t mount or frame original pieces. We can digitize and print copies of your originals which could then be mounted and framed, or we can refer you to a nearby framing shop whose focus is framing original paintings, posters, memorabilia, documents, textiles, […]

What about adult content?

We do not digitize or print images which:

Do you provide proofs before printing?

We offer an artist approval process (full scale test strips) for large format art reproductions requiring color-matching, and we have a digital proof process for images that we retouch or restore.   If you are inquiring about various paper type samples, we recommend ordering small individual prints in standard sizes which start at approximately $2.50 each.

I chose “Develop & Digitize” but my film roll was blank. Can I get a refund?

In the event that an entire roll of film is blank, we will issue a voucher for scanning a future roll of film. If there is a high likelihood of your film being blank (such as with disposable cameras from a group event, old film rolls or significantly underexposed film); we recommend choosing the “Develop […]

How long will it take to scan my photos/negatives?

Scan order completion times vary by order attributes and current job volume. Orders under 50 pieces are generally completed within 5 business days. Large or complex orders take longer to complete