Custom Scanning

Many of us have volumes of family photo albums sitting on a shelf, packed away in a box, or stored in an attic or basement. Only rarely do we take the time to pull out an album or box of photos and look through them together with family or friends to reminisce, share some history, and enjoy reliving joyous moments of a distant past.

Photos in an album take more effort to enjoy than the smartphone images we’ve become accustomed to today. Image scanning can rescue those cherished keepsakes from their dusty albums so you can easily share them on social media, through email, organize and archive them for safekeeping, or even make more printed copies.

Phoenix photo lab can scan old film negatives, slides, important documents and certificates, drawings, and even large pieces of personal artwork. Everything is digitized right here on site. Just give us a call for more information or stop in and we’ll be glad to help you!

Why digitize?

  • Preserve precious family history, memories and keepsakes
  • Share photos with friends, family, and online
  • Print digital photos or artwork in a larger size
  • Prepare an image for digital editing or damage restoration
  • Create “limited-edition” art runs in a variety of sizes and media types
  • Convert drawing or painting on paper into a beautiful stretched canvas
  • Convert old film negatives or slides into digital files for viewing

Did you know we can also digitize your works of art?