Custom Scanning Shop

If you are looking for a highly reliable and efficient printing and scanning shop, then Phoenix Photo Lab is the perfect solution for you. This shop has a commitment to meet all the printing and scanning needs of people in the entire Phoenix area. Phoenix Photo Lab is successful and flourishing presently because it has the most knowledgeable, well-trained, and skillful employees. Everyone in the company commits to quality. The entire team also has the dedication to meet the individual needs of its clients.

Custom Scanning Prices start at $.99

The Offered Services

  • Scanning Locally in “house” not shipped overseas!
  • Image Scanning up to 30″x40″
  • Enlarging Images
  • Editing
  • Preserving old precious memories
  • Restoring damaged images and film negatives
Local technician to scan negative film

Phoenix Photo Lab continues to capture the interest of most people in Phoenix considering its ability to offer a variety of printing products, materials and services. Included in its wide range of services are small and large format printing, archiving, scanning and graphic design. The flexibility of the company cannot also be questioned considering the many previous and present customers who say good things about the services they received.

Regardless of your printing and scanning needs, this printing and scanning shop in Phoenix will surely cater to them. We have a team consisting of reliable and competent experts who offer personal and professional services. They offer these services with a very quick turnaround. It should also be noted that the best scanning and printing shop is that which uses the finest materials including high-end scanners.

Photos being scanned inside modern scanner. 3D illustration.

This is something which Phoenix Photo Lab guarantees to its valued clients. The company uses an impressive line-up of high quality and reliable scanners that are capable of handling almost all kinds of scanning tasks. The scanners also have the ability of handling all sizes of images and materials that require scanning.

For original images that are larger than the standard size, a digital camera within a studio is what the company uses for scanning. Its knowledgeable team also saves all scanned results either through a form of media supplied by customers or in USB Drive/CD/DVD. The shop caters to the needs of people who have a wide collection of albums containing family pictures or old films, and plan on converting them into digital files. Converting them into digital files promotes ease in reprinting and sharing the images.

Phoenix Photo Lab can also do more than just scanning and printing pictures. Its professional team is also capable of providing expert retouching services. The good thing about the professionals employed in the company is that most of them have more than twenty-five years of experience in the industry. This increases their capability of doing professional restoration and retouching services that can help in bringing back the newness and attractiveness of all your images.

With the ability of Phoenix Photo Lab to do other things aside from printing and scanning your pictures, it is safe to assume that it is a one-stop shop for those who wish to receive customized prints and preserve the beauty of their pictures.

Scanning in Phoenix

With our line up of high-end scanners, we can handle virtually any kind of original up to 12×18 in size. Larger originals are scanned via a digital camera in a studio.
All scans are saved to USB/CD/DVD or customer-supplied media.

If you have a large collection of old film or albums of family memories, we can convert them to digital files for sharing or reprinting at any time.