Why can’t I upload HEIC files from my phone?

The High Efficiency (HEIC) file format is proprietary to Apple and can contain multiple still (burst photo) images inside one file, and even video content.

We cannot print files that are in HEIC format. Please convert your files to JPEG before to uploading them to us for printing.

How to Convert HEIC files to JPG on an iPhone

  1. In the Photos app, find the photo you wish to convert and tap Share.
  2. Tap Copy Photo.
  3. Open the Files app on your iPhone.
  4. Tap On My iPhone.
  5. Long-press on an empty area and tap Paste.
  6. A duplicate of the photo will be made and automatically converted to JPG / JPEG file format.

HEIC files are purposely smaller than standard image files so that more of them can be stored on your phone. For this reason we recommend that iPhone photographers change the Photo Capture settings (in the Format section of the iPhone Camera app) from the defaults to the highest quality options available for your phone model.