About Phoenix Photo Lab

Phoenix Photo Lab is a reputable and trustworthy one-stop photo printing and retouching shop in Phoenix. It gains extreme popularity due to the consistent increase in the number of residents in the area who generate extreme satisfaction from all the services that they offer. It is a one-stop printing shop because it performs more than just printing. It also scans, frames, and mounts pictures and artworks to make them more appealing. The printing shop also performs professional photo retouching/editing. This is beneficial for those who would like to enhance and beautify their pictures before feeding each one into a high-end printer.

Some of Our Most Popular Services

Ink jet printing.

Photo Printing – With the expert and professional team of Phoenix Photo Lab, expect your pictures to come out as very refreshing and attractive. High-end printers are also used by the company. This ensures that the whole printing process focuses on quality.

Art Reproduction – Are you ready to take your artwork to the next level? Phoenix Photo Lab can accurately reproduce, and even enlarge, copies of your original works on photo paper, watercolor, canvas or metal. This enables artists to retain the original work, while also selling items to collectors. This is a wonderful way to create limited edition signature copies, pieces for art fairs, or other purposes without parting ways with your original masterpiece.

Scanning – Phoenix Photo Lab also scans family heirloom photos, film negatives (old and new), slides and other important documents, converting them into digital files ready for further editing or professional printing.