About Phoenix Photo Lab

Phoenix Photo Lab is a reputable and trustworthy one-stop photo printing and retouching shop in Phoenix. It gains extreme popularity due to the consistent increase in the number of residents in the area who generate extreme satisfaction from all the services that they offer. It is a one-stop printing shop because it performs more than just printing. It also scans, frames, and mounts pictures and artworks to make them more appealing. The printing shop also performs professional photo retouching/editing. This is beneficial for those who would like to enhance and beautify their pictures before feeding each one into a high-end printer.

Some of Our Popular Services

Ink jet printing.

Photo Printing – With the expert and professional team of Phoenix Photo Lab, expect your pictures to come out as very refreshing and attractive. High-end printers are also used by the company. This ensures that the whole printing process focuses on quality.

Photo Restoration/Editing – This service is ideal for those who like to make sure that the printed output will turn out to be truly beautiful and perfect. The photo restoration and editing services offered by Phoenix Photo Lab focus on correcting every flaw in your captured images such as red eyes, distracting backgrounds, and poor lighting. The good news is that the printing shop has all the tools and applications needed for correcting flaws, so expect your printed pictures to be greatly enhanced and turn out as perfect.

Framing – Do you want your pictures to be enclosed in striking frames? If your answer is yes, then Phoenix Photo Lab can also help. Expect to access dozens of choices for frame designs and styles and mat combinations when dealing with the company. Professional results can also be expected after paying for their framing services.

Scanning – Phoenix Photo Lab can also scan your old films and negatives, convert them into digital files and make them available for professional printing. The company also assures clients of professional and attractive results from this service.
Phoenix Photo Lab is one of only a few printing shops in Phoenix that are worth visiting because of the dedication and professionalism of its staff and the high success rates of its printing, retouching, scanning and other photo-related services. They also offer personalized and customized printing services for clients who plan to get custom prints that perfectly meet their requirements.