Canvas Prints

What is Custom Canvas Printing?

Custom canvas printing is the process which transfers your digital photos onto canvas. The pictures can, then, be displayed like any other fine art piece. Used often in interior design, your photos are stretched and printed onto a canvas through advanced printing technology.

How is Canvas Printing done?

In order to get your custom canvas printing Phoenix done, the Phoenix Photo Lab uses the Epson 44” Stylus Pro 9900. The Epson 44” Stylus Pro 9900 uses the latest in photographic inkjet technology. The Ultrachrome HDR inks can print using 10 different ink colors including green and orange. That way, your prints will be the perfect color with high quality. This printing machine can print anything up to 44” wide, so you can display your photos in any size. In the end, you will be able to have your images framed or simply hung up on a wall.

Benefits of Custom Canvas Printing

  • Timely – The Epson 44” Stylus Pro 9900 prints high-quality canvas prints in a quick and efficient manner. Your photos can be printed in just a few days.
  • High Quality – With the advanced technology of the Canon 4100 & Epson 44” Stylus Pro 9900 your photos will look as if someone had painted the image onto the canvas.
  • Long-Lasting – Images printed onto canvas can last for years longer than a photo printed regularly. Through canvas printing, you will be able to pass the picture through your family for generations and it will still look brand new.
  • Size – A great benefit of getting your photo personalized on canvas is that you can print it in any size you need. You can keep it small, frame it, and put it on your bedside or coffee table. Or you can print it up to 44 inches wide and display it on your empty wall.

If you are looking for custom canvas printing in Phoenix, call Phoenix Photo Lab today. Get your beautiful images displayed onto canvas. Their great customer service will provide you with the personalized printing that you are looking for.

Canvas prints have become excessively popular among homeowners and commercial business owners at present. These prints are frequently used as part of the home decorations of homeowners and professional interior designers. Canvas printing actually involves printing an image into canvas, which is either gallery-wrapped or stretched into a frame and eventually displayed. One can usually find these prints in interior designing and together with stock images.

There are also those who plan on customizing the results of the printing process to make this match with personal photographs. There are also canvas prints that aim to reproduce the appearance of original acrylic or oil paintings using stretched canvas. These items can be mass-produced. These can also be accessed through home improvement stores, high street retailers, and reliable printing service providers.

Canvas Printing Services

If you live in Phoenix and you plan on paying for the services of real experts and professionals in the field of canvas printing, then checking out Phoenix Photo Lab is a wise decision. This company focuses on providing high quality custom photo and imaging and printing services, so contacting its team when attempting to get professional-looking custom canvas prints Phoenix can offer benefits.

One thing that sets Phoenix Photo Lab apart from its competitors is that it uses the most robust and high-quality printing materials. For instance, the printers that the company uses, namely the Canon 4100 and Epson 44” Stylus Pro 9900, are among the best printing equipment in the industry. This is beneficial because it ensures the production of the most impressive and realistic images and prints possible.

The fact that Canon is 60 inches wide also shows it is capable of handling printing jobs of various lengths and sizes. It also primarily uses archive paper which ensures that the printed images will last for a long time. It is versatile that it can work on various surfaces including canvas, luster, backlit, glossy, and metallic.

The use of Canon 4100 also increases the ability of Phoenix Photo Lab to provide the best to its customers because this is proven to be a really high-end printer. This printer utilizes ultra-chrome HDR inks, which ensures that the newest and the highest level of perfection in terms of color are achieved.

This is made possible through the availability of ten inks including orange and green. It works for virtually all lengths with its 44-inches width. The flexibility of this printer from Epson cannot also be questioned since it has the ability to handle various media including canvas, luster, glossy, Enhanced Matte and watercolor.

Why Choose Phoenix Photo Lab?

Phoenix Photo Lab consists of people who are truly aware of how to create professional-looking images on canvas. They also know how to take the preferences and requirements of their customers into actual prints, thus improving their capacity to satisfy thousands of people in the area through custom canvas prints Phoenix.

Phoenix Photo Lab also focuses on quality and perfection. This means that deciding to get their services guarantees to access to sharp and bright custom prints on canvas. The good thing about the company is that it offers printing services at very reasonable prices. High quality and professional services, combined with reasonable prices, are just a few of the many reasons why people in Phoenix prefer Phoenix Photo Lab for their printing needs.

Canvas photo printing involves the creation of impressive artworks from images. In most cases, the images in question are digitally-captured. Canvas photo prints from digitally captured images can be expected to last for hundreds of years. However, the printer / printing company should make use of high quality ink and printing materials to guarantee the longevity of the work of art created out of your digital pictures.

Images or artworks printed on canvas are also favored by a lot of people, especially in Phoenix, over standard printed pictures. The reason behind this is that canvas photo prints promote the display of creativity and longevity while standard printed images tend to lose their color, within just a 10 to 20-year timeframe.

Custom Canvas Prints at Phoenix Photo Lab

Phoenix Photo Lab is one of the most trustworthy printing companies in Phoenix. Note that one of the easiest ways of getting high quality custom canvas prints Phoenix is online, so the services offered by Phoenix Photo Lab will surely cater to your needs. Taking advantage of online printing services will eliminate the hassle of having to visit a printing shop personally. All it takes is to be in front of your PC at home, upload the images you plan to print on canvas or mail physical hard copies of it and let your chosen service provider do the remaining tasks.

Your chosen printing shop/company, in this case, Phoenix Photo Lab, will also take into consideration the selections you made online. The selections may be related to color, texture, paper, and other materials necessary in producing excellent printed images. They will start printing out your photographs on canvas, based on your requirements and preferences, after which they will start framing the pictures using a frame made of wood or any other durable and high-quality materials. Once done, your canvas photo prints will be quickly delivered to you.

Dealing with Phoenix Photo Lab is beneficial because its staff is well-trained in terms of customization. This means that its staff is fully aware of how to create quality, and impressive custom canvas prints Phoenix that will surely satisfy their clients. Customized versions of canvas photo prints are more satisfying because these ensure that your preferred results are achieved. Personalizing the images also makes the results even more valuable.

Phoenix Photo Lab also utilizes archival grade material. This is a printing material which is perfect for photos printed on canvas. The good thing about archival grade printing materials is that these allow the output to last for an even longer time. It is also crucial to note that the quality and resolution of your uploaded images play a major role in achieving impressive results after the printing process.

A wise tip is to consult the trained printers of Phoenix Photo Lab to find out if your uploaded photographs will obtain an excellent look on canvas. Your pictures should have good quality. These should be shot using high resolution. These factors are among the things that you should take seriously since blown-up photographs have the tendency of appearing drastically different in the end.

Customizing digital pictures is also possible by altering them using a few tools and applications online. It is also possible to ask Phoenix Photo Lab to do your desired customization and editing. Effects including lens dust, blemishes or smears, specs and red eye are clearly evident on canvas. Choosing the de-saturate option such as producing black and white effects can also produce dramatic effects. Convey your desired results to Phoenix Photo Lab and its staff will surely do everything to meet your preferences.