Fine art reproduction showed excellence in the past few years. This especially holds true after great combinations of materials, colors, textures and papers were recognized when it comes to printing and reproducing images. Presently, fine art photography and original watercolors can be used together and reproduced or printed on real watercolor paper. This can produce amazing results, especially if you deal with reliable printing companies in Phoenix like Phoenix Photo Lab, which ensures that the fine art papers that they use are one hundred percent authentic and high in quality. This provides an assurance that each printed image receives the highest achievable quality.

Printing using watercolor paper Phoenix is a procedure carefully undertaken by Phoenix Photo Lab. The printing shop’s entire staff receive adequate training, when it comes to using highly professional and authenticGiclee grade papers for their watercolor prints. The shop also makes it a point to use archival pigment inks to enhance the ability of the printing process to deliver amazing results.

The people at Phoenix Photo Lab are also skillful when it comes to producing prints along with excellent image editing services, and precise custom color correction. They also expertly scan pictures using the best scanners. The entire staff of Phoenix Photo Lab is also skillful when it comes to rendering various colors and radations. The shop has highly advanced and reliable watercolor printers that can print full colors. The printers are also flexible that they can handle the desired image sizes and lengths of their customers.

The Flexibility of Watercolor Printing Procedure

Watercolor printing is flexible enough that one can use it for a variety of purposes. For one, the whole procedure can be utilized in producing museum grade prints. It is also ideal for photo prints, simulated paintings, presentations and heirloom photographs. Watercolor printing is also ideal for those who would like to enjoy the most creative display of personal and business artwork. Limited edition art reproduction is also on top of the many things that the watercolor printing procedure can do.

Distinct Characteristics of Watercolor Paper

Watercolor paper Phoenix has distinct characteristics that make it stand out from other forms of printing paper. The distinctive characteristics of watercolor papers are usually linked to its weight. Manufacturers of this material often weigh a ream consisting five hundred sheets on their uncut condition. This allows them to provide a number which shows the weight. Note that the weight, in this context, usually shows the quality, and in some cases the cost of the watercolor paper.

One of the common weights of watercolor papers is 90 lbs. This refers to a student-grade weight. This paper is thin. While it is a good option, it tends to buckle when it comes in contact with wet elements. It cannot also endure too much scrubbing. There is also the 140-pound paper which a lot of people prefer. It is relatively stout with a stretching ability. This ability is valuable in preventing the risk of buckling when it gets wet. It quickly dries and comes with a reasonable price.

Watercolor papers also have distinct characteristics in terms of texture. In the context of printing and fine art reproduction, texture refers to the paper’s surface finish. It should be noted that your choice of paper will have an impact on the effects of the printed results. The good thing about watercolor papers is that these are usually smooth. This often delivers an impressively amazing textured surface which can be shown on your printed images. Fortunately, Phoenix Photo Lab offers this paper to its clients, which gives them the opportunity of taking full advantage of its benefits and unique traits.