Custom Giclee Prints

Phoenix Photo Lab specializes in customized Giclée prints on stretched canvas, professional photo paper, metal, wood and acrylic. Giclée prints refer to very high quality art prints created with a precision inkjet process and archival materials, frequently preferred by museums. Most gallery owners and artists use the term to describe a level of detailed print which is more eye-catching and richer than standard posters and printed arts. Aside from our self-serve kiosk printers and our film developing snapshots, all of our prints are produced with Giclée methods with exceptional materials.

The term Giclée originates from the French word ‘gicleur’, meaning ‘to spray’. This is because an ink jet printer technology creates images by spraying millions of microscopically small dots of up to twelve specially formulated acid-free colors of ink to form exceptionally accurate images on paper and canvas. Images photographed in high resolution stand well above the rest as compared with ordinary four-color print processes.

How Giclee Prints Differ from Standard Prints?

Giclee prints differ quite noticeably from low-cost everyday prints available in your local drugstore, big box discount store or document printing chains. Giclée prints can leverage high resolution images with wide color spectrums through the combined use of superior photographic paper and exceptional ink technology. This creates rich museum-quality images that can last for many decades (some manufacturers even claim over 100 years).

Economical prints and posters typcially seen online use fewer ink colors and lower quality paper than those used in Giclée processes. These prints are also often mass-produced using very high-speed printing equipment generating large quantities of images, sometimes more than ten thousand pieces per run. In our process, every image is arranged individually and printed on wide-format printers carefully calibrated to each paper texture.

How Much Do Giclee Prints Cost?

Giclée prints are priced higher than standard posters and self-serve kiosk prints. This is due to the high level of quality materials used in production. Each piece is quality controlled to ensure accuracy.