Custom Giclee Prints

Giclee prints refer to high quality art prints or fine art pieces that are frequently visible in museums. Most gallery owners and renowned and amateur artists use the term to describe this form of art, which is more eye-catching and richer than standard posters and printed arts. Giclee is a term which is taken from the French word meaning to squirt.

It is because this is what is usually done by an ink jet printer when creating images on paper. Images shot in high resolution and printed into photographic paper using an ink jet printer are known as digital pigment prints. Giclee prints are also high-end reproductions.

How Giclee Prints Differ from Standard Prints?

Giclee prints are different from standard prints because these are produced using top-notch photographic or archival paper. A high-end and premium ink jet printer is also utilized for the printing process. The prints need to be produced one after another. This is crucial in creating a refined and rich museum quality images that can last for over one hundred years.

Standard prints and posters seen online and provided by a few retail stores use more affordable paper than the ones used in Giclee printing. Standard prints are also mass-produced. This means that the printing process is executed in large quantities. Standard printing requires stamping out of the required photographs in huge quantities, usually more than ten thousand pieces for every run.

The quality of Giclee prints are also higher when compared to the standard versions. Giclee shows magnificent superiority over other forms of printed materials. Printing in this manner reduces the risk of getting blurred images and lost details. It ensures that the printed materials reveal captivating levels of detail. This is enough to resemble photographs made in high resolution.

How Much Do Giclee Prints Cost?

Giclee prints have higher prices than standard posters and prints. It is due to the high level of quality used in printing them. The fact that it follows a one-by-one printing process also ensures the quality and thorough creation of each piece. For those who are in Phoenix, Phoenix Photo Lab is surely one of those shops that will cater to their desire to own custom Giclee prints.

The good news is that the company offers their services at reasonable prices. This holds true even if their Giclee prints use photographic paper with the highest resolution possible and the finest ink jet printers. This ensures that the printed materials will never deteriorate after just a few years.

Getting Giclee Prints Phoenix

Custom Giclee prints Phoenix offered by Phoenix Photo Lab are also ideal for those who have discerning eyes, and who greatly value fine arts and craftsmanship with museum quality. The prints bring out enchantment and vibrancy capable of lasting for a lifetime, if not more than a hundred years.

The good thing about these unique and enchanting printed materials is that these are versatile. One can place it in various areas in their homes and offices without ruining their structure and overall appeal. Most Giclee print owners also revel in the rich detail and exquisite beauty of the printed images. If you are contemplating about owning these prints, then Phoenix Photo Lab will surely cater to your needs by offering reasonable prices for their services without compromising quality.

Giclee printing, which has become extremely popular in various places worldwide particularly Phoenix, is a printing process that involves the spraying or squirting of microscopic dots of inks based on pigment on high quality canvas or art paper. It also involves correcting the color of the image. This is often necessary in achieving the closest possible match into the original artwork. It should be noted that the whole process also involves fine-tuning digital information into the type of surface or paper wherein the image is being printed. This will guarantee fidelity into the original picture.

Phoenix Photo Lab and its Custom Giclee Printing Services

Phoenix Photo Lab caters to the needs of people in Phoenix by also ensuring that they include custom Giclee printing into their wide array of services. The company makes sure that the custom Giclee prints that they provide to the public are top-notch. As most people know, these prints are digital ink jet prints of the highest quality mainly produced on art paper.

Giclee prints are also those that are printed on a wide range of mediums or substrates. These are deluxe and professional ink jet prints with museum quality. They use archival inks and the preference of users between the most durable and finest stock options. Phoenix Photo Lab is a good choice for those who are searching for a good printing company, which can deliver great printing services particularly related to Giclee.

The company utilizes the right combination of pigment-based and archival inks in order to produce a significantly large color gamut that clients will surely love. The results of combining these inks include an unparalleled color fidelity and tonal range. Note that their Giclee prints are versatile. This means that these can be used in various events and places. The printed images are ideal for weddings, galleries, limited edition fine art prints, photographic prints and gifts.

The good thing about the company is that it also uses the most genuine artist papers. These include water color Giclee paper and cotton rag that are extremely popular, in this particular field of printing.  The fibrous printing papers used in the process work in transforming photographs into something that delivers a soft and painterly appeal. The resulting images can also be expected to hold a decorative and classy feel. This makes them ideal for art prints designed for exhibitions and portfolios.

Phoenix Photo Lab is also famous for being one of the best sources of large format digital images, and prints that show the highest level of quality. It uses the most advanced and reliable printers in the market including Canon Prograf 4100 and Epson 44-inch Stylus Pro 9900. The company also has easy access to the finest papers and inks, which further boosts their ability to provide the best to its customers. These include Archival quality paper, ceramic, vinyl, and metallic.

Giclee printing has become increasingly popular for those who love art and photography. The good news is that companies like Phoenix Photo Lab that offer their printing services at reasonable prices can cater to the needs, and desires of people to take a hold of these custom Giclee prints Phoenix. The company also has a commitment in providing affordable and premium reproduction of fine photos and artwork in a wide range of mediums and sizes, making it one of the top printing shops in the area.