How should I prepare my originals for scanning?

Originals should be reasonably free of dust, lint, and other surface debris. For liability reasons, we do not clean the surface of original images, including artwork, slides, film rolls, documents or photos. Printed photos should be removed from frames/albums/folders whenever possible. Flexible-scan items must not have tape, stickers, notes, or adhesive on the back. We […]

If I order a pro photo paper print, when would I be able to pick it up?

Average completion time for most Professional Photo Paper print work orders is 3 business days.  Large quantity orders, mounted prints, specialty paper types, shipping and other factors can add production time.We do offer Same-Day Rush and Next-Day Rush services for standard pro prints.  Rush orders must be received by noon to be ready by end […]

Why are there size limits on how small or big my prints can be?

As a large-format print lab; there are production and transaction limitations due to time, material and equipment constraints. For example; some paper and canvas types do not come in the widest sizes our equipment can print. Pro Glossy Metallic Prints are availbable up to 34×96.The smallest size print we mount on foamboard is 8×10, and […]

Do you have metallic photo paper?

Yes! Our Metallic Lustre and Metallic Glossy papers are specialty options which are particularly good choices for images containing reflections or shiny surfaces, such as water scenes, glassware, star photography, chrome vehicle accents, etc. As with all of our Professional Photo Paper types, both are acid-free archival quality products that will last for decades without […]

Can I RUSH order a metal print?

Our metal prints are produced offsite due to the large specialized equipment and ventilation conditions required. Therefore metal orders take a minimum of 7 days for both the production and transportation, and this can also vary by current order volumes.

I have pictures on my phone, how big can I print them?

This topic on our website provides instructions on determining an image file size on your phone.You can also browse print products and options on our website. Just go to and click the big green button that says Order Prints Online. There you can see prices and options as well as preview, crop, rotate, and […]

I have a photo and would like to have it cropped to portrait style. Do you have this service?

Yes, if you have a printed photo, please bring it to us.  We will scan it to make a digital image file and can also edit and crop the file the way you’d like, and make new prints in your desired size. If you already have the photo in a digital file; you can order […]

I received my image scans but don’t know how to open a “zip” file.

“Zipped” files (ending in *.zip) are large files, or large quantities of files that are digitally compressed into a smaller file size for fast and secure transmission over the internet – such as through a service we use called Do download and open a file;– Click the WeTransfer link in your email notification message. […]

Do you take passport photos?

No, we don’t provide passport/visa services.  Image requirements for government IDs are very specific and can vary by country. A nearby portrait studio – Lola Photographic does provide passport and visa services to meet the requirements of most countries.

I have photos on multiple old memory cards and external hard drives. Will you consolidate all of my data into one new hard drive?

In conjunction with an image editing and/or print order, we can accept images on one form of media (such as a camera memory card) and return the edited image files on another media type such as USB or email. We do not offer data copy/backup or file management as a standalone service.