I received my image scans but don’t know how to open a “zip” file.

“Zipped” files (ending in *.zip) are large files, or large quantities of files that are digitally compressed into a smaller file size for fast and secure transmission over the internet – such as through a service we use called WeTransfer.com
Do download and open a file;
– Click the WeTransfer link in your email notification message.
– Click the blue button to agree to WT Terms of Use.
– Click the blue “Download” button. If the file does not automatically begin downloading to your default folder, select a location on your computer where you’d like to save the file.
– After downloading, use File Explorer (PC) or Finder (Mac) to browse to the downloaded the file on your computer. You should see your file ending in a *.zip extension.
– Click once on the file to select it (but not open it) and then right-click with your mouse to get a menu of options. You should see decompression option in that menu such as “unarchive to” “extract” or “uncompress”…   This varies by operating system, so select the closest match. Your computer will then decompress the zip file, creating a new folder right next to it (with the same file name as the zip file) This decompressed folder will contain your individual images.

Here’s a link with general instructions on how to open a zipped/compressed file.