I have a photo and would like to have it cropped to portrait style. Do you have this service?

Yes, if you have a printed photo, please bring it to us.  We will scan it to make a digital image file and can also edit and crop the file the way you’d like, and make new prints in your desired size.

If you already have the photo in a digital file; you can order right on our website and even make basic changes, add borders and other options. 

Just click here, choose your print size, upload your photo.

Use the control arrows to zoom in/out, reposition left/right to get your image positioned just the way you want it to be printed. You can then add borders and choose your paper finish. (Lustre is most popular for portraits). Once you are done with your adjustments, add the number of prints you’d like to your cart, check out, and we’ll let you know as soon as they are printed!