I received image scans for my film order; why didn’t I get all 12/24/36 pictures?

Frames are automatically skipped when they are completely over/under exposed or when content is too blurry for equipment to focus and produce a scannable/printable image.  These exposure issues can can be due to incorrect ISO or shutter speed settings, insufficient light, a malfunction of the camera, opening the camera back before the film has been re-wound, accidentally taking a photo when the camera lens cap is on, and many other similar scenarios. In such cases the frames are neither digitally scanned nor printed.  If for any reason we missed scanning a viable frame on your film roll, we will gladly re-scan your order. When picking up your negatives; we recommend using the light table in our lobby to examine your film for such indications.  Very dark film frames indicate overexposure, while very pale/transparent frames indicate underexposure.  Uneven spaces or overlapping between frames can indicate a potential mechanical problem with the film advance function of the camera.