How to sell more Art at art shows

  1. Have a strong and cohesive body of work: Make sure your art is high-quality and consistent in style and theme.
  2. Have a professional and visually appealing display: Make sure your art is well-lit and arranged in an attractive and easy-to-navigate manner.
  3. Be sure to have both Original art and copies made and ready to purchase on site.
  4. Copies should be full size professional reproductions and also small 8×10 or 11×14 prints in archival sleeves. Be sure to have your contact information in the smaller versions so when a client is ready to buy a bigger one they can reach you!
  5. Network and market yourself: Attend other art shows and events, and reach out to galleries and collectors. Use social media and your website to showcase your work and build a following.
  6. Be approachable and knowledgeable: Be prepared to talk about your work and answer questions about your process and inspiration.
  7. Price your work appropriately: Do your research to understand the market and price your work accordingly.
  8. Be open to feedback and willing to negotiate: Be open to hearing feedback from potential buyers and be willing to negotiate prices.
  9. Follow up after the show: Stay in touch with people who showed an interest in your work and use the contact information to send them updates on your art and upcoming shows.
  10. Let potential clients know you can drop ship them copies of your Art after the show ends and will still honor discounted pricing for up to one week after!