Custom Large Format Printing

Paying for professional custom photo printing services is more beneficial than trying to do the task on your own. The reason behind this is that professional providers of the service have years of experience in the industry. They also receive enough training when it comes to handling the different demands of their various customers.

In Phoenix, there is one company, which stands out because of the ability of its staff to offer the highest quality and most professional services in terms of printing images, whether customized or not. This company is Phoenix Photo Lab. It has an excellent reputation, especially in the custom photo printing industry. This is the reason why it consistently gains the trust of thousands of people in Phoenix.

Prices Start At $9.00 per sq/ft

Printing Services Include

Additional Phoenix Photo Lab Services

Memory Cards/CDs

We accept every type of memory card and CD/DVD to print from.

We can recover lost files from any media card due to accidental deletion or formatting.

  • CD/DVD duplication.
  • Copy memory card to CD/DVD.

Benefits of Seeking Professional Printing Services

Taking advantage of professional printing services offers plenty of benefits. For one, it allows access to professional and high-end printers that deliver high quality and attractive prints. These printed images are not usually available at on-demand printing kiosks and retail shops. While these professional services generally have higher prices than the ones offered by non-professionals, one can still receive an assurance that the amount paid will be all worth it, upon seeing the specialized printing and add-ons provided to their pictures.

Professional printing service providers also use a wide range of high-quality paper. This makes it possible for people to choose one based on their desired output. Three of the most common types of paper used for printing are: Glossy, Metallic and Matte. Each of these papers has its own pros and cons, and it is advisable to study their characteristics to be able to choose one which will work for your needs.

Glossy paper is a popular choice because it provides the highest level of brightness and saturation for colored pictures. It is capable of delivering an attractive reflection or sheen on paper. Matte is also a good choice as well. While its color brightness and saturation is lower than glossy paper, it is still beneficial because it is less vulnerable to getting oil smudges and fingerprints that can damage the attractive look of the printed image. Matte is the most ideal paper for those who plan to print pictures for framing purposes.

Metallic paper is also a good choice because of its ability to provide your printed pictures with a unique and personalized look. It delivers a pearlescent and shimmering finish. This is a good thing because it boosts the color saturation, brightness, and sharpness of your images. Another benefit of metallic is that it can resist curling and tearing.

A lot of professional printing service providers and photographers recommend metallic to their clients because its appeal is more attractive than the other papers in the market. Other great choices of printing paper are canvas and black and white paper. It is best to study the strengths and weaknesses of each paper to determine which one can deliver the most impressive output when planning to avail of professional photo printing services.

What can Phoenix Photo Lab Offer?

Aside from providing its clients with numerous choices for printing paper, Phoenix Photo Lab also uses high-end printers guaranteed to deliver high-quality results when printing images. The good thing about Phoenix Photo Lab is that its services do not just end on customized or personalized photo printing. It also offers a wide range of printing add-ons including scanning, retouching, mounting, framing, laminating and surface texturing. With its ability to offer a wide range of services, Phoenix Photo Lab is definitely a one-stop shop for all your customized photo printing needs.

  • Canon Prograf 4100
  • Epson 44″ Stylus Pro 9900
  • Ultrachrome HDR inks achieve a new level of color perfection using 10 inks including green and orange
  • Up to 44 inches wide by virtually any length
  • Available media: Glossy, Luster, Canvas, Enhanced Matte, Watercolor, and many others.

Photo Ink Jet Printing Shop

Photo Ink Jet printers are popular for their proven usefulness when it comes to producing high quality prints. It is for this reason that people favor a photo ink jet printing shop over other companies that do not use this form of equipment. For those who live in Phoenix, one printing company which stands out because of the high quality and attractive printed pictures produced by their advanced ink jet printers is Phoenix Photo Lab. This company continues to thrive in the industry with its strong commitment to meet the unique demands of each of its clients.

What Makes an Ink Jet Printer Beneficial?

Ink jet printers are used in most printing shops at present because of their ability to produce dramatic effects on the quality of results. Here are some of the many things that a good ink jet printer can do:

1.  Ideal for Printing Photos

Most ink jet printers used in printing shops are specifically designed for pictures. Since this equipment is solely designed to print photo quality results, high quality images can be achieved. If possible, avoid companies that use multipurpose or all-in-one printers. It is because this equipment does not offer a similar level of quality offered by devices primarily designed to print graphics and images with photo quality.

2. High Resolution Capabilities

The equipment is also ideal for photo printing jobs because it holds the highest possible capabilities in terms of resolution. Note that the quality of resolution is extremely important in identifying the quality of the output. Ink jet printers have various resolution capabilities ranging from 4800 to 9600 DPI (dots per inch). Access to the highest quality of prints is possible if equipment with 9600 DPI is used.

3. Ability to Print Photos Based on your Preferred Output Size

An ink jet printer is one of the most sought after printing equipment because of its availability in various image sizes. This means that users have numerous options regarding the sizes of their image output. This means that visiting a good photo ink jet printing shop makes it possible to get pictures based on your preferred sizes. There are compact and small photo printers capable of accommodating image sizes that range from wallet to letter sizes. There are also models that are capable of printing large-sized images.

Ink jet printers are truly staples in most printing shops. Some of the most successful companies that specialize in producing high quality printed images are those that have the equipment in their offices. One of the companies that include an ink jet out of its advanced line of printers and other printing tools and equipment is Phoenix Photo Lab. The shop’s ink jet printers are highly advanced. The use of this equipment increases the level of satisfaction of those who decided to deal with the company’s staff.

Phoenix Photo Lab has expert employees who are skillful when it comes to using the printers. With this in mind, it is safe to make an assumption that this company in Phoenix is truly capable of satisfying the needs of clients especially in terms of high quality photo printing, scanning and restoration.

Posters and Prints

If you need professional-looking, attractive and high quality posters and prints in Phoenix, then seeking a printing company / shop which holds an excellent reputation in the area is a must. You need to work with a printer who has an impressive reputation in the industry since this will boost your chances of receiving top-notch services. One company, which continuously thrives in Phoenix, is Phoenix Photo Lab. The reason behind its popularity is the fact that it focuses on giving life to the preferences of its clients.

Factors to Consider when Hiring a Printing Shop

1. Types of Offered Services

Note that there are two basic forms of printing services offered to the public at present. These are digital and offset printing. For those who only require a few copies of images or other necessary printed materials, digital printing services are ideal for them. For those who have huge orders, selecting offset printing is beneficial. The reason behind this is that the latter offers a more reasonable price per unit cost than the former.

Still, it is better to choose a printing shop which has both the mentioned services. This will provide an assurance that all your requirements will be professionally met. This also guarantees that your required services and prints will be delivered on a timely manner. It is because you no longer need to look for another shop, to satisfy your other printing requirements. Phoenix Photo Lab has both the mentioned services so you will never go wrong hiring its professional team.

2. Experience

Choosing a printing company with lots of years of experience in the industry is essential in ensuring that all your requirements will be efficiently handled. It is also necessary to find out if your preferred printer has the most extensive experience in dealing with your preferred output. Companies with long years of experience in offset and digital printing are fully aware of the ins and outs of the industry, making them truly capable of satisfying the unique demands of each of their clients. Extensive experience also signifies a reasonable degree of professionalism. It also shows that your chosen printer has expansive skills and knowledge about the field.

3. Printers and Other Necessary Equipment

It is advisable to ask about the materials and devices that they use when completing projects before hiring a printing shop. Consider choosing a company which uses the latest digital printers and technology. Make sure that all the other printing machinery and materials that they use are up to date. Note that old printers operate slowly. Highly advanced printing equipment and materials guarantee that your preferred output will be delivered on time.

Phoenix Photo Lab has all the things mentioned in this article, meaning its full operations are meant to satisfy clients. They are also willing to provide samples in case you want them. This will enable you to see the quality of output that you can expect from them. A lot of people have also decided to choose Phoenix Photo Lab, over other printing companies in the area because its high-quality services are available at very affordable prices. This will let you receive inexpensive yet attractive, professional, and quality posters and prints in Phoenix.

Are you planning to get prints of photos in Phoenix from a company which already gained an excellent reputation from the impressive services that it provides to the public? If your answer is yes, then take note that there is one company in Phoenix which continues to offer utmost satisfaction to its clients because of the quality of its printing services. This reputable printing shop/company is Phoenix Photo Lab which has been in the business for several years, making its staff among the most experienced professionals in the industry.

Top Reasons to Deal with Phoenix Photo Lab

1. Offers a Wide Range of Selection

One of the best qualities of a good printing company is its ability to provide its clients with plenty of printing solutions. Note that some shops provide all-in-one printer solutions. It is best to choose one which offers a wide range of selection, making it possible to get the exact prints you want. Make sure to pick a solution which accommodates your preferences, whether this relates to the size and type of paper for your images or your custom-cutting needs.

The good thing about Phoenix Photo Lab is that its printing solutions are extensive, giving clients the chance to make their choice based on their real requirements. Working with its team is also beneficial because of the flexibility of its delivery options. They can cater to the needs of those who would like to get rush printed images. The flexibility of their services enables you to take a hold of high quality prints within just a few hours of ordering them.

2. Provides Access to Creative Design and Finishing Features

Another thing that makes Phoenix Photo Lab so popular in Phoenix is its ability to provide access to highly creative design and finishing features. These features work in enhancing the quality and attractiveness of the delivered prints. The company also utilizes printers with custom editing and creation tools that offer help in your attempt to tweak your design.

The great design of your pictures will not also be wasted because Phoenix Photo Lab uses high quality paper and attractive finishing. This ensures that the quality you will get after printing is professional. The famous printer provides numerous types of papers, colors, weights and other materials for finishing including gloss, lamination and aqueous coating. Aside from printing, your pictures can also be enhanced with the photo restoration services offered by the company.

3. High Level of Print Quality

The quality of the printing shop’s printed images remains unquestionable with the continued increase in the number of its satisfied clients. Aside from offering highly advanced and convenient printing options, Phoenix Photo Lab also retains its competitiveness in the industry because its services are popular for being of premium quality.

It is possible to get prints of photos in Phoenix that show highly consistent performance, excellent finish, precise folding and cutting, rich colors and impressive overall quality by hiring the services of the company. Phoenix Photo Lab has everything that you need to print anything. Its customer service team can also be easily reached so obtaining customized help is possible.