How long would it take to scan my stack of photos and what will it cost?

We offer an economical scan option ($1.20 each) if your photos are unframed, flexible and in relatively sturdy condition (not so old they are starting to fall apart). This is for photos or documents between 3″x3″ and 8″x10″ in size. They must be free of any sticky residue, such as from tape or album mounting adhesives. Average completion for this type of scan order (not including print services) is approximately 5 business days, but varies based on our current order volume.

Other scanning equipment and options apply for images that don’t fit these descriptions (fragile, framed/mounted, very small or large, or those requiring significant enlargement etc). Those processes require more detailed processing for each photo during the scanning process resulting in longer completion times. It’s best to bring your photos in to us for a full and accurate work order estimate.