Can I order prints online using my smartphone or tablet?

Yes! It is actually possible to order prints from us using your phone or tablet, although our online ordering portal is best suited for use from a computer.  Our Medium Size print category for our Professional Paper Photo Prints catalog, containing print sizes most typically fitting smartphone images. Depending on your device settings, all order options may not be readily visible; so look for the menu icon of three black lines in the upper right corner of the screen to choose your paper type as well as any borders and mounting choices. 

Be sure to send us the highest quality version of your image(s) from your files or your Photos catalog.   If an image is much too small to print acceptably in a size selected, a warning icon will appear in the middle of the image; however please note that this is based entirely on the file dimensions, not the sharpness or clarity of the photo. If you accidentally rotate or zoom your image and can’t get it back to the starting position, just drag your photo up into the middle of the screen again and it will reset.