I want to edit my images before printing. What are some tips for preparing my files for the most accurate results?

Digital images are go through multiple stages from initial capture in-camera or in software before being printed onto paper or canvas. Each technology interprets and reproduces color in different ways. Here are some key steps you can follow to be sure you excellent print results with your edited images. 1) Choose a high quality computer […]

How long will Professional Photo Paper prints last?

The inks we use in our Professional Paper and Canvas production meet the very highest quality standards. Exposure to ultraviolet light will reduce the life of all prints over time, however todays archival quality papers matted with museum quality matboard are estimated to last over 200 years behind UV coated glass, and as long as […]

Do you provide proofs before printing?

We offer an artist approval process (full scale test strips) for large format art reproductions requiring color-matching, and we have a digital proof process for images that we retouch or restore.   If you are inquiring about various paper type samples, we recommend ordering small individual prints in standard sizes which start at approximately $2.50 each.

If I order a pro photo paper print, when would I be able to pick it up?

Average completion time for most Professional Photo Paper print work orders is 3 business days.  Large quantity orders, mounted prints, specialty paper types, shipping and other factors can add production time.We do offer Same-Day Rush and Next-Day Rush services for standard pro prints.  Rush orders must be received by noon to be ready by end […]

Why are there size limits on how small or big my prints can be?

As a large-format print lab; there are production and transaction limitations due to time, material and equipment constraints. For example; some paper and canvas types do not come in the widest sizes our equipment can print. Pro Glossy Metallic Prints are availbable up to 34×96.The smallest size print we mount on foamboard is 8×10, and […]

Do you have metallic photo paper?

Yes! Our Metallic Lustre and Metallic Glossy papers are specialty options which are particularly good choices for images containing reflections or shiny surfaces, such as water scenes, glassware, star photography, chrome vehicle accents, etc. As with all of our Professional Photo Paper types, both are acid-free archival quality products that will last for decades without […]

Can I RUSH order a metal print?

Our metal prints are produced offsite due to the large specialized equipment and ventilation conditions required. Therefore metal orders take a minimum of 7 days for both the production and transportation, and this can also vary by current order volumes.

How big can I print a 24MP image?

A 24MP camera typically captures images that are approximately 4000 x 6000 pixels in size (this will vary slightly from one manufacturer to another). At the recommended print resolution of 300 pixels per inch, your best quality print size would be up to 13.3″x20″.  Generally speaking, a sharp image in those dimensions can usually be […]

Why does my printed image look dull or darker than on my screen?

Printed images will almost always look somewhat different when printed with ink as compared side-by-side to a computer screen. Screens can display much more vibrant, saturated colors than can be recreated with ink. Also, when a monitor’s brightness is set too high, images will appear much brighter on the screen than what will be produced […]

I have a digital photo. How large can I print it?

Standard print resolution is 300 dots per inch.  We recommend going no lower than 150 dots per inch on paper or any smooth surface, particularly metal. You can preview images using the online ordering interface on our website and it will display a warning if the image size is lower than recommended. We also have […]