What is the production time for a large canvas wrap?

Each canvas is custom made to the desired dimensions.  Our standard production minimum is 6 days, but can vary by how many orders we have in queue at the time. It can sometimes be sooner if we happen to already have your frame size in our pre-built stock.The fastest way to order is through our […]

Do you have a test print process for artists?

Yes. While we certainly always strive to achieve as close a color and tonal match in ink as compared to original pigments in artwork, we also offer a test print approval process for paper and canvas prints. A section of the image containing key colors and tonal range is printed on the selected paper or […]

How can I find out my file’s image dimensions?

Proprietary file formats, (often ending in  *.NEF, *.CR2, *HEIC, *RAW, etc.), must be opened by an image application such as Photoshop™, Lightroom™, CameraRaw™, or CaptureOne™ in order to view the size information for the image. For standard file types; such as JPEG or TIF – In Finder on Mac: Right-click the filename, choose Get Info. […]

How can I check to verify whether an image file can be used to make a high quality print?

An image is considered “print-ready” when it is: A single layer (flattened) JPEG or TIF file format; ideally with an embedded color profile such as sRGB or AdobeRGB Contains no special characters in the filename (#!^%$*@_/|:;’?, etc) Has image dimensions of 300 or more dots per inch for the print size you desire (for best […]

Can I bring in my own paper for you to print with?

Our individual printers are carefully calibrated for each of the specific papers that we carry. Therefore; we can accommodate this request for very large print runs, and by special appointment only. We do not print on sheet stock. A sufficient number of paper rolls for calibration and the print run must be supplied (unopened, undamaged, […]

Will new prints hold up better over time as compared to those from my childhood?

Print technology has advanced greatly since the 1970’s and 1980’s. All of our inks, papers and canvas materials are acid-free and of archival quality so they can last for decades without fading or yellowing when kept at normal indoor temperatures and out of direct sunlight.

What is a “gicleé” print?

Gicleé (pronouced “zhee·klay”) is a term used to indicate a high-quality inkjet print production. Our printers are capable of producing high resolution prints due to the very small droplet sizes of ink that are deposited with this technology. This enables very detailed accuracy and zero ink bleed on even the most textured paper and canvas.

What is a “rolled” canvas print?

A “rolled” canvas is an image printed on canvas but not stretched onto a wood frame. We print the border as well as extra material so that the image can be rolled and shipped in a tube, and later stretched onto a frame. This greatly reduces shipping costs for remote customers, but is also a […]