I have hundreds of slides. Can you digitize them?

Yes! We can ditgitally scan slides so you have them for backup, or even make new prints from them. We recommend bringing your items in to us in person so we can see their sizes and condition, discuss your needs with regard to the final prints, and provide a full and accurate work order estimate.

How long will it take to scan my photos/negatives?

Scan order completion times vary by order attributes and current job volume. Orders under 50 pieces are generally completed within 5 business days. Large or complex orders take longer to complete

How should I prepare my originals for scanning?

Originals should be reasonably free of dust, lint, and other surface debris. For liability reasons, we do not clean the surface of original images, including artwork, slides, film rolls, documents or photos. Printed photos should be removed from frames/albums/folders whenever possible. Flexible-scan items must not have tape, stickers, notes, or adhesive on the back. We […]

How much does the studio reservation cost when I have very large art pieces for reproducton?

Photo Studio reservations for large artwork reproduction are currently $50/hour, during which we can typically capture up to 5 oversize pieces. This quantity can vary depending on just how large, reflective and/or textured each piece of artwork is. A variety of lighting equipment and techniques are used to capture art effectively and to minimize surface […]

Can I mail you my originals?

Because every order is different, we recommend bringing your originals to our location in person whenever possible. Please call to open a new work order with us before sending any original items by mail. A team member will need to gather key pieces of information from you before generating a work order. You’ll be given […]

How will I receive my digital files?

There are three delivery options for your digital files: – WeTransfer digital email download ($2) – USB ($10)– or CD ($5)

How long would it take to scan my stack of photos and what will it cost?

We offer an economical scan option ($1.20 each) if your photos are unframed, flexible and in relatively sturdy condition (not so old they are starting to fall apart). This is for photos or documents between 3″x3″ and 8″x10″ in size. They must be free of any sticky residue, such as from tape or album mounting […]

I have some very old, family heirloom photographs that I would like to make into larger prints. Do you do this type of work?

Yes, we scan or photograph heirloom/historical images and artwork to reprint high quality archival-grade reproductions.  We do this for individuals, as well as museums, historical societies, schools, and businesses. The technique and equipment required can vary depending on the size and condition of the original, including whether it is framed, mounted, or very fragile.  We […]

I have a shoebox full of 4×6 photos. Can I get them digitally scanned?

An average shoebox can hold approximately 600 to 900 photos that are 4×6 or 5×7 in size, depending on the thickness of photo paper they were made on. If they are unframed and free of tape/adhesive residue on the back, we can capture standard resolution digital images of them at low cost. Please call us […]