I chose “Develop & Digitize” but my film roll was blank. Can I get a refund?

In the event that an entire roll of film is blank, we will issue a voucher for scanning a future roll of film. If there is a high likelihood of your film being blank (such as with disposable cameras from a group event, old film rolls or significantly underexposed film); we recommend choosing the “Develop […]

Do you develop Kodachrome film?

The chemistry for developing Kodachrome in color (K-14) is no longer manufactured.   Some labs will process it as Black and White film, but to do so with the best outcome there are some additional steps and buffering solutions that we don’t use here.

I have unexposed rolls of film that are many years old. Can I still shoot it?

Yes, however keep in mind that (even if stored properly) the colors shift, contrast reduces, and fogginess increases over time.As color film ages photos will tend toward having a magenta color cast (and negatives appear greenish-tinted, the opposite of magenta).

Can I bring in some very old rolls of film?

Certainly! We can develop most types of old black and white film, as well as C-41 / CN-16 color film.  Heat and moisture can particularly degrade the quality of undeveloped film, but if the film has been stored in a very cool, dry place; we are often able to recover photos.  Even when stored carefully, […]

Why can’t I buy film on your website?

We stock small amounts of popular items at our sales counter; such as film, disposable cameras, standard frames, mats, and archival sleeves. Due to fluctuations in the quantities on hand from day to day; these items are available in-store only and not sold through our website.

What type of chemistry do you use for film developing?

We use an Ilford chemistry process for Black and White film and a C-41 Fujitsu chemistry process for color.

After my film is developed; how will I receive my digital files?

We can provide your digital files by email download, USB, or CD.

Do you process disposable cameras?

Most disposable cameras contain standard color (C-41 process) film. Some contain black and white film. Either way, we process it here! If pre-ordering you’re developing on our website, just count each disposable camera as a standard roll of film.  Additional note: We work with a company to recycle the camera bodies so both the plastic […]

How much are 35mm film negative scans?

Standard 35mm film negative scans are currently $1.20 per individual frame, $5 per cut strip or $9.99 per uncut roll. High resolution options are available based on target print size and bulk discounts are available over 100 pieces. When we also do the developing of your film roll, the digital scans are even more economical.

I received image scans for my film order; why didn’t I get all 12/24/36 pictures?

Frames are automatically skipped when they are completely over/under exposed or when content is too blurry for equipment to focus and produce a scannable/printable image.  These exposure issues can can be due to incorrect ISO or shutter speed settings, insufficient light, a malfunction of the camera, opening the camera back before the film has been […]