Why can’t I upload HEIC files from my phone?

The HEIC file format is proprietary to Apple and can even contain video content. Convert your files to JPEG prior to uploading them to us for printing. How to Convert HEIC files to JPG on an iPhone

Can you frame my piece of art?

While we do offer mounting and framing options with our print services; we don’t mount or frame original pieces. We can digitize and print copies of your originals which could then be mounted and framed, or we can refer you to a nearby framing shop whose focus is framing original paintings, posters, memorabilia, documents, textiles, […]

What about adult content?

We do not digitize or print images which:

I have pictures on my phone, how big can I print them?

Here is a topic on our website that gives instructions on determining image file size on your phone: https://phoenixphotolab.com/ufaq/how-can-i-find-out-the-exact-image-size-of-a-picture-on-my-phone/ You can also browse print products and options on our website. Just go to PhoenixPhotoLab.com and click the big green button that says Order Prints Online. There you can see prices and options as well as […]

I have a photo and would like to have it cropped to portrait style. Do you have this service?

Yes, if you have a printed photo, please bring it to us.  We will scan it to make a digital image file and can also edit and crop the file the way you’d like, and make new prints in your desired size. If you already have the photo in a digital file; you can order […]

I received my image scans but don’t know how to open a “zip” file.

“Zipped” files (ending in *.zip) are large files, or large quantities of files that are digitally compressed into a smaller file size for fast and secure transmission over the internet – such as through a service we use called WeTransfer.com Do download and open a file;– Click the WeTransfer link in your email notification message. […]

Do you take passport photos?

No, we don’t provide passport/visa services.  Image requirements for government IDs are very specific and can vary by country. A nearby portrait studio – Lola Photographic does provide passport and visa services to meet the requirements of most countries.

I have photos on multiple old memory cards and external hard drives. Will you consolidate all of my data into one new hard drive?

In conjunction with an image editing and/or print order, we can accept images on one form of media (such as a camera memory card) and return the edited image files on another media type such as USB or email. We do not offer data copy/backup or file management as a standalone service.

Should I upload Tiff or JPEG files, and what about image quality

The system does accept Tiff file; however we’ve found that most web browsers won’t allow TIFF uploads, the exception being Apple’s Safari browser.  We recommend saving your files in a JPEG format after editing them to reduce their total size and enable online upload.  This won’t compromise the file quality when printing.  It is most […]

Can I just email you images to be printed and have you bill me later?

Due to resource limitations, we discontinued support of email ordering last year. If you are unable to submit your order via our website, we can have a customer service representative contact you to open a work order by phone and gather the necessary details. We can then issue you a work order number to receive […]