How can I find out the exact image size of a picture on my phone?

On iPhone: In the Photos app, tap the image to open it. Tap the “info” icon beneath the image, or just swipe up on the image itself. On Android:Go to Photos, select your image and click the “…” (three dots) icon in the top right. Scroll to bottom of page to find image size. The […]

Can I order prints online using my smartphone or tablet?

Yes! It is actually possible to order prints from us using your phone or table, although our online ordering portal is best suited for use from a computer.  Our Medium Size print category for our Professional Paper Photo Prints catalog, containing print sizes most typically fitting smartphone images. Depending on your device settings, all order […]

I’m an artist with an upcoming event, can I have reproductions made of my drawings, paintings and mixed media artwork?

Yes, we digitally capture and reproduce works of art in our facility for many artists. Under controlled lighting conditions, we photographically capture and digitally prepare full resolution image files which can then be printed true to color on paper, canvas, metal. We also offer wood print options, acrylic, gatorboard and foam mount options. Print pricing […]

What is an aspect ratio?

The term “aspect ratio” describes the width to height proportions of a rectangle. A photo with a 1:2 aspect ratio would be twice as high as it is wide. A 6″x12″ image has a 1:2 aspect ratio, as does a 24″x48″ image. An 8″x 10″ image has a 4:5 aspect ratio. An image that is […]

Do you accept ApplePay?

Yes, our card reader here in the store is configured to accept ApplePay, as well as Visa/MasterCard, Discover, and American Express.

Can you mount my vintage poster/photo onto a backer board?

We can scan or photograph your items to make a very high digital reproduction from your original. The digital copy can then be restored, printed larger/smaller than the original, and mounted/framed as you desire. We do not directly mount, frame, modify or restore original items.

Can you take an old beat-up photo and print me a larger, better version of it?

We offer high quality photo scanning services to digitize (and optionally enlarge) your images. We also offer retouching and image restoration services for print orders. For an accurate estimate of time and cost; please bring in your original so we can see the size and condition firsthand and learn more about how you would like […]