I received image scans for my film order; why didn’t I get all 12/24/36 pictures?

Very often, film rolls contain frames that were improperly exposed or too blurry to produce a scannable/printable image. This can be caused by incorrect setting for the film’s ISO, a malfunction of the camera, opening the camera back before the film has been re-wound, accidentally taking a photo when the camera lens cap is on, […]

I recently dropped off 4 rolls of film, but my download link only contains images for 3 of the rolls.

It is possible that one of the rolls in your order did not contain any scannable frames. This often occurs due to over-exposure, under-exposure, or camera advance malfunctions. When you come to pick up your negatives; we recommend using the light table in our lobby to look for such indications. Very dark film has been […]

How long does it take to develop film?

We develop color film separately from black and white. Average completion is 4 business days, but can often be less. This fluctuates with the total volume of film we receive throughout the week as well any additional service options you may select with your order.

Can I have my negatives back after my film is developed?

Absolutely! We will ship your negatives back along with your prints, or hold for pickup here in our store for up to 90 days Unclaimed rolls are disposed of after 90 days.

Do you develop film? If so, what kinds?

Yes! We develop on site and accept standard 35mm, 120mm, APS* and 110* film sizes in color (C-41 process), and black and white. Please note that we do not develop E-4 or E-6 slide film. (*additional charges may apply)