Phoenix Photo Lab Privacy Policy


We, at Phoenix Photo Lab, greatly respect the privacy of our valued clients. We guarantee one hundred percent satisfaction by making sure all the personal data clients provide to us are kept secure and confidential.


Your privacy is one of our top priorities. This privacy policy aims to provide information about the manner through which we gather, utilize, convey, and disclose all personal information you provided.


Just like any other printing company, we will gather a few personal data about our clients to ensure that the services we provide perfectly suit their requirements. The collected personal data will only be used based on the purposes that we outlined in our terms of use page. The personal data that we collect will solely be used in meeting your requirements.


Your personal data will be used based on your given consent and the mandated regulations in the state. This means that we won’t use your data without your permission, and without adhering to the laws of privacy in the state. We will collect all information through legal means and after gaining your approval.


We are committed to keeping all provided customer information confidential. We do not share nor sell them to anyone. Your provided pictures are also protected based on the terms stated on our privacy policy. We ensure that your pictures will never be shared or seen by anyone without your consent once they get posted online. We will use the most reliable security procedures and safeguards to provide your data with utmost protection against possible loss, alteration or misuse.


We will also collect navigation data including data related to connection, traffic and website utilization. We believe that all these information are essential in providing optimal service. We will gather the mentioned data and aggregate them without traces of personal identification to guarantee top-notch service without hampering your confidentiality.


Data that are locally stored in your PC such as small text files and cookies will also be collected to ensure a more customized browsing experience. These are data that store all your browsing information. We allow you to remove it any time manually, or by using your browser.


We also commit towards using the personal details you provided including your name, contact information, address, and any other sensitive personal identification data based on the purposes stated when these were requested. This policy is also applicable to any details you provided regarding other people. Just make sure to provide us with complete and correct information to ensure that your experience and our services will be personalized.


We will also store and use the gathered personal data until their intended purpose is fulfilled. We will not retain your personal details in our database after the fulfillment of your requirement. We also commit towards storing your personal data with the help of techniques that maximize their confidentiality, and security. We implement the most advanced and useful managerial, electronic and physical procedures to ensure that information will not be lost, stolen, copied, modified, or accessed by unauthorized people.


Any updates when it comes to handling your personal data are readily available. An updated revision date will serve as a notification for updates made to our privacy policy. You will also receive a notification for any material updates or changes.


We commit to executing business while keeping in mind our privacy policies. This guarantees the quality and confidentiality of all your provided information. Your sensitive data will not be sold or shared to third parties, unless you give us your consent. We comply with the law and the policies stated in this privacy policy. We commit towards providing the best experience by ensuring that your rights to privacy are well-protected.


We keep our website secure, so you will enjoy your experience without worrying about making your private and sensitive information available to unauthorized people.