What are the top ways to make money with my art

  1. Selling original artwork: This is the most traditional way for artists to make a living from their art. Artists can sell their original pieces directly to buyers or through art galleries.
  2. Licensing art: Artists can also make money by licensing their artwork for use in products such as clothing, home decor, and other consumer goods.
  3. Prints and reproductions: Many artists make a living by selling reproductions of their original art and Giclee Prints, either through their own websites or through art shows.
  4. Commissioned work: Artists can also make money by taking on commissioned work, creating custom pieces for individual clients.
  5. Online art marketplaces: There are various online art marketplaces like Etsy and other that allows artists to sell their work directly to buyers.
  6. Teaching: Many artists also make money by teaching art classes or workshops, either in person or online.
  7. Public art and murals: Artists can also make a living through public art projects, like creating murals for businesses or public spaces.
  8. Social media art sales: With the rise of social media, artists can also make money by selling Giclee prints of their artwork via their social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook.