Preparing my Images for Printing at a Lab

There are several steps you can take to prepare an image for printing at a Photo Lab:

  1. Make sure the image is in the correct format. Most printers accept image files in JPEG, TIFF, or PNG format. (We are not able to print from a PSD or a RAW file)
  2. Check the image resolution. The resolution should be at least 300 pixels per inch (PPI) for high-quality printing. If the resolution is lower, the image may appear pixelated or blurry when printed. (We can print decent quality down to 100dpi if the image is sharp but prefer 300)
  3. Crop the image as needed. If there are any unnecessary elements in the image, you can crop them out to focus on the subject.
  4. Adjust the color settings. Make sure the colors in the image are accurate and consistent. You may need to adjust the brightness, contrast, and saturation to achieve the desired effect.
  5. Remove any blemishes or imperfections. Use image editing software to touch up any blemishes or imperfections in the image.
  6. Save the image in the correct format. Once you have made all the necessary adjustments, save the image in a format that is compatible with your printer.
  7. We can help you with steps 3 through 6 if you do not have the proper software to do edits.

Following these steps should help you prepare an image for printing that looks professional and high-quality.