How to Duplicate my Paintings and Art

There are a few ways to copy a painting or art work, depending on the medium and surface the original painting is on. Some common methods include:

  1. Tracing: This involves placing a transparent sheet (such as tracing paper) over the original painting and tracing the lines and details with a pencil or pen. This can be a useful technique for reproducing small, detailed works.
  2. Grid method: This involves drawing a grid over the original painting and then reproducing the image one square at a time on the blank canvas or paper.
  3. Professional Studio Photography: This involves taking a high resolution photograph of the original painting in a controlled environment with color accurate lights and then using the photograph as a “digital negative” to recreate the painting on high quality inkjet printers made for art reproduction.
  4. Scanning & Digital software : This involves taking a High resolution Scan of the original art or painting and then using digital software to edit the image and reproduce it via inkjet printers.
  5. Digitally photographing or scanning your art will allow you to make MANY copies of the art to sell over and over again (without having to paint or draw it again) it is a common way to sell art and increase the value of your originals.

It is important to note that it is illegal to reproduce copyrighted artworks without permission from the artist or copyright holder.