Film Developing Questions

What days do you Develop Color Film? Our current (12/2022) Film processing days for color (C41) Film are Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

What DOES that mean: That means our Film staff will prep and put your film in the chemicals on those days. (if the machine is in good working order and the chemical test is approved by a manager as being useable)

What does it NOT mean: Film will be READY on those days. Film has many steps, and sometimes will take a day or two to get scanned or printed.

Do you Process Disposable Cameras? YES! we do hundreds of disposables a week! We can do Color or B&W disposables. We also recycle the camera bodies after we develop them to make sure they do not end up in a landfill.

What types of film do you process? We do many sizes of film small and medium format: 35mm , 120mm 220mm, APS, 110, 126 and more! We currently do not do any Large Format sheet film.

When will I get my digital files? Files are scanned AFTER the film machine has processed all the color film and it is dried. That is later that day and into the following day depending on how many rolls we had to develop. This is a slow process and our team is the fastest in the valley – but please be patient! We will send the the second they are ready!

Why haven’t I received my digital scans yet? A few reasons, usually because hey are still not scanned (please don’t call asking on film days) OR we had a ton of film and it is still in processing OR we could not read your email and it was bounced back to us ( we get an alert about this and the front desk usually checks it and resends it out the same day)

Can I get 4×6 Prints? Yes you can get steeply discounted 4×6 set of ALL of your images when you select Dev, Scan & Print on the website or when dropping off your film.

What if I had develop only? Dev only usually is available for pickup the following day Tuesday, Thursday or Saturday – But wait until you receive notification from our front desk before calling or stopping in.

What are your BLACK & WHITE Dev Days? That does change based on how much film we get in per week. We usually plan to start B&W developing by Thursday if we have enough or Friday. Again that means we mix the chemicals for the darkroom and process it, dry it and prep it for scanning. This process is slower and is all done by hand in the darkroom (like you see on TV) We generally have enough chem and film to do it each week.

Can I get TIFF files? Yes you just need to request it when dropping off the film. The front desk will write it in the special instructions and our film techs will scan it TIFF. Currently there is no extra fees for TIFF files as of 12/2022.

Do you develop E-6 film? In the past we did offer E-6 Processing, currently we do not have enough demand in Phoenix to purchase the chemicals. We suggest using online services that get lots of rolls shipped to them a month they have the demand and can get it done quickly for you.

Do you scan film that is developed or slides or APS film? YES we can digitalize your already developed film to make it viewable or printable!