Fujiflex Crystal Archive Printing

Fujiflex crystal archive printing refers to a color printing material made of silver halide. It is widely known because it features improved digital exposure suitability. It is exclusively ideal for digital output, which comes from large format laser printers. One of the reasons behind the extreme popularity of this material at present is its ability to produce high quality digital prints and images. This holds true especially if the images are printed using laser printers.

This material also features a polyester base. This increases its ability to create excellently smooth prints that also deliver a transparent and sharp super gloss finish. It is appropriate for a variety of uses including advertisements, photo exhibitions and large-sized displays. Superior gray balances and tonality, as well as impressive stability of images, are also among the things that this material can offer.

Features and Benefits of Fujiflex Crystal Archive Print

Fujiflex crystal archive printing material is beneficial because it is capable of producing rich color for images, razor-sharp letters, pure whites and highly exceptional flatness and gloss for surfaces. The following are just some of the most remarkable benefits and features offered by the material to those who would like to use it for their printed images:

  • Superior high gloss finish because of its polyester base
  • Impressive flatness and smoothness due to its polyester-made base
  • Pure whiteness
  • High maximum density
  • Excellent stability of images
  • Fully vibrant color reproduction
  • Does not require backside printing
  • Extensive color gamut
  • Uses highly advanced coupler technology
  • Provides superior balance and tonality in gray
  • Boosts the ability of colors to resist fading
  • White areas of the images with yellowing-resistance feature
  • Features anti-fading agents
  • Uses a hybrid technology for the stabilization of images

Why is Fujiflex Perfect for Display and Commercial Prints?

Fujiflex is ideal for display and commercial prints because of its usefulness in producing high quality output with the help of laser scanning and digital exposure systems. The printed images that it produces are of exceptional quality. The qualities that you will enjoy about the printed output are extensive tonal range and improved D-max. It also guarantees a highly distinctive eye-catching color, impressive smoothness and flatness on the surface and durability.

The printed pictures based on the material also features a vivid color reproduction, detailed and attractive reds in great abundance as well as vivid yellows and natural greens. Other benefits of the material include strong resistance against fading, consistent high image quality no matter how small or large your desired output is, highly saturated which ensures that the output delivers a realistic color, and crisp images featuring sharp texts, brilliant and clean highlights and deep and rich colors.

Choosing Phoenix Photo Lab to Print Images Made of Fujiflex

One of the reasons, why Phoenix Photo Lab is one of the most favored printing shops in Phoenix, is that its staff expertly uses the Fujiflex material for printing. This increases the quality of the resulting images while also ensuring that their rich colors, sharpness, vibrancy and stability come out. With this, it is no longer surprising to see a huge increase in the number of people in Phoenix who seek the aid of Phoenix Photo Lab, when trying to meet their printing requirements. This especially holds true if it involves the use of Fujiflex.