Custom Photo Editing

Custom photo editing is extremely beneficial for those who would like their photos to bring out their most aesthetic appeal. Getting professional custom photo editing services is also a wise move when planning to remove key components that damage, the overall appearance of the picture like sky discoloration, a neighbor whose head pops into the frame, or snow present on the roof of a house.

If custom photo editing Phoenix is what you are presently searching for, then Phoenix Photo Lab will be around to offer help. They provide the best photo enhancement services including airbrushing worn and old photos restoration and retouching.

Proven Advantages of Photo Editing

There are numerous advantages to editing and retouching pictures. For one, it helps in dealing with red eyes. This is the most common problem found in a photo. With photo editing, removing red eyes proves to be truly easy. Blurry images can also be effectively dealt with through this service. Working with a professional team who is well-trained in photo retouching can eliminate the blurriness in your captured images.

Another advantage of photo editing is that it fixes lighting. An example of this is fixing the lighting in case you forget to use the camera flash when taking pictures during late afternoon. With the help of expert retouching services, it is possible for your pictures to get a darker or lighter lighting than the original. It is also helpful in removing undesirable pictures in the background.

It can also help improve the skin of the subject of the picture by removing flaws like acne, freckles, moles and wrinkles. With all the things that photo editing can do, it is safe to assume that this process truly works wonders in bringing out the best out of your captured images.

Services Offered by a Good Custom Photo Editing / Retouching Company

Basic Editing – involves basic spot repairs, general color and contrast adjustments, straightening, sharpening and other minor fixes.

Moderate Retouching – involves fixing stains/rips/damage occuring in 30% or more of the image area, more complex lighting correction, moving or replacing moderately detailed missing or damaged elements.

Advanced Retouching/Restoration – includes more detailed digital modifications and alterations. It may also involve manipulating content such as altering/enhancing a particular body part, removing or adding a person from another image, or other corrections that take time and expertise.

Other great services offered by a reliable photo editing or retouching company are the following:

  • Contrast, color and light adjustments
  • Facial shape adjustments
  • Body slimming
  • Hair and eyelash retouching
  • Pimples and acne elimination
  • Adding monochrome tones
  • Bringing out the natural look of an image
  • Complexion flaws retouching
  • Bust line readjustment
  • Red eye and blemishes removal
  • Old, worn-off and torn pictures repair
  • Water Damage & Mold
  • Color Correction
  • Adding special effects to wedding pictures
  • Teeth whitening

Benefits of Working with Photo Editing Professionals

Deciding to work with professionals in custom photo editing Phoenix, such as the entire staff of Phoenix Photo Lab, can offer plenty of benefits. One is that this ensures dealing with a team whose professional expertise, extensive skills, and unfathomable knowledge in the area are instantly noticeable. It also guarantees to work with a pool of experts who will always be around to help in perfecting your images.

Dealing with photo editing companies like Phoenix Photo Lab also guarantees access to the latest software and tools in the field. The good thing about the company is that it offers low-cost photo retouching and editing solutions with a quick turnaround time. Expect flawless portfolio, wedding and any other relevant pictures by choosing to work with Phoenix Photo Lab for your customized photo retouching needs.