What is Custom Canvas Printing?

Custom Canvas Printing
Custom canvas printing is the process which transfers your digital photos onto canvas. The pictures can, then, be displayed like any other fine art piece. Used often in interior design, your photos are stretched and printed onto a canvas through advanced printing technology.

How is Canvas Printing done?

In order to get your custom canvas printing Phoenix done, the Phoenix Photo Lab uses the Epson 44” Stylus Pro 9900. The Epson 44” Stylus Pro 9900 uses the latest in photographic ink jet technology. The Ultrachrome HDR inks can print using 10 different ink colors including green and orange. That way, your prints will be the perfect color with high quality. This printing machine can print anything up to 44” wide, so you can display your photos in any size. In the end, you will be able to have your images framed or simply hung up on a wall.

Benefits of Custom Canvas Printing

  • Timely – The Epson 44” Stylus Pro 9900 prints high quality canvas prints in a quick and efficient manner. Your photos can be printed in just a few days.
  • High Quality – With the advanced technology of the Epson 44” Stylus Pro 9900 your photos will look as if someone had painted the image onto the canvas.
  • Long Lasting – Images printed onto canvas can last for years longer than a photo printed regularly. Through canvas printing you will be able to pass the picture through your family for generations and it will still look brand new.
  • Size – A great benefit of getting your photo personalized on canvas is that you can print it in any size you need. You can keep it small, frame it, and put it on your bedside or coffee table. Or you can print it up to 44 inches wide and display it on your empty wall.

If you are looking for custom canvas printing in Phoenix, call Phoenix Photo Lab today. Get your beautiful images displayed onto canvas. Their great customer service will provide you with the personalized printing that you are looking for.